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Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, Lori Riegler

My Personal Experience with Eye Pain

I covered my face to avoid the headlights of cars as we drove to the hospital.  Who ever heard of going to the ER for “pink eye”? But there I was in the busy waiting room.  I thought to myself “I have never been in a room with such terrible lighting.” white florescent lights, glaring.  […]

Am I too Old for LASIK?

LASIK has been FDA approved here in the United States since 2003, just over sixteen years now. LASIK became very popular shortly after and peaked just before the recession in 2009. If you are now over the age of 40 and wear correction then you may at one time contemplated getting the procedure done, possibly […]

Sandy Beal, Certified Surgical Technician

Do I Have to use Those Drops?

Technology continues to improve the way cataract surgery is done, including techniques available right here in Central Illinois such as drop-less cataract surgery. First, what is a cataract? A cataract is when the natural lens in your eye becomes hazy and cloudy making it difficult to see clearly. Common symptoms of cataracts include blurred or […]

Eyelid Lift: Improving Your Vision and Appearance

If you are thinking about having surgery to correct your droopy eyelids, you should do it with your eyes wide open. No one likes to look in a mirror and see puffy eyelids defining one’s face, altering one’s appearance and sometimes even affecting one’s vision. That is why surgery to correct this problem is so […]

Bond Eye Associates Pekin Office

Virtually Tour Our Offices

Virtually Tour Our Offices Have you ever wondered what to expect when you schedule an appointment at a new place or an office you have never visited? Now you can take a virtual tour of Bond Eye Associates Peoria and Pekin offices prior to your visit. We have beautiful art displayed throughout all of our […]

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