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Lexi Chimens, ABOC

Do these contacts make me look spooky?!

As Halloween approaches many are still trying to decide what our costume is going to be for this year. While most enjoy the fun of changing our appearance for a day, we still must keep the health of our eyes under consideration. You may have seen the advertisements or have known someone with the decorative […]

Meet Lexi and Debra, Opticians at the Peoria Office

Debra and Lexi are both full-time opticians in the Peoria office optical department. Lexi is ABO Certified, American Board of Optometry, Certified Opticians undergo standardized testing to show that they have the education and knowledge to help you see more clearly. In addition they have to take continuing education classes to keep up their certification. All of […]

History and Advancements for Color Blindness

In 1803 John Dalton was the first scientist to take academic interest in the subject of color blindness. His interest stemmed from he and his brother being color blind. John Dalton postulated that shortage in the color perception was caused by discoloration of the liquid medium of the eyeball called aqueous humor. According to his research he […]

How to Ensure and Maintain Healthy Vision After 65

Throughout your life, you should have seen your eye doctor around age 3 and again as you were entering school. If you needed glasses then you would have come back in at least once every two years. But those who didn’t need glasses many times forgo visiting their eye doctor, unless they have a problem. […]

Why is Blue Light Getting a Bad Reputation?

It’s Back to School season and with that comes Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! The stores’ shelves are filled with all the latest and greatest school supplies.  Digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers are becoming more commonly included on that list, even with young children. Time reported in their October 28, 2013 issue […]

Polarized Sunglasses Are Sunscreen for Your Eyes

From models on the runway to fishermen on the lake, sunglasses have become a big part of life for many people. In the beginning, they were only available to professionals who needed eye protection for specific tasks. Over the years, they have transitioned into more than just eye protection and have become a fashion statement. Today […]

Your Eyes, More Than the Window to Your Soul part 3 of 3

Attention, Attention!  Now for you bad boy and girl contact lens patients.  You know who you are.  Contact lenses should be considered just as important as adding a drug into your body.  They can blind you if not fit correctly, or are abused and not worn correctly. Disposable contacts have helped bring down the number […]

Designer Trunk Show in Canton

Bond Eye Associates will be taking over the conference room on the main floor at Graham Professional building and filling it with 100’s of designer frames. In addition they will be selling them at a 40% discount*! This will happen on July 20, 2017 so make plans to come in and get a great price on […]

New Sunglasses Coming To Bond Eye Soon!

New Optical Products at Bond Eye Associates!

This just in….Essilor®, one of the major lens providers for Bond Eye Associates, is launching TWO NEW products in the coming months!
The 1st one is exciting for us sunglass wearers…and who isn’t—if you aren’t, shame on you—there will be 6 new polarized lens colors: gray mist, sienna brown, forest gray, grape, plum, and emerald blue.

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