Front Office Schedulers for Bond Eye Associates' Pekin, IL office

Meet the Smiling Faces of our Pekin Front Office

Meet Tami, Kim and Barb at our Pekin Office Tami, Kim and Barb are the first and last smiling faces you will encounter when you visit our Pekin office. These three ladies make up our front desk staff at our 725 S. 14th Street, Pekin, IL location. Tami came back to us in February 2017 […]

Part 1: How Does Diabetes Affect The Eyes?

Many diabetics, particularly those with poor diabetic control, have damaged the blood vessels in the retina. The retina is the tissue lining the back of the eye that detects light and allows us to see with crisp, clear vision. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy and will affect 8 out of 10 patients who have […]

Eyelid Lift: Improving Your Vision and Appearance

If you are thinking about having surgery to correct your droopy eyelids, you should do it with your eyes wide open. No one likes to look in a mirror and see puffy eyelids defining one’s face, altering one’s appearance and sometimes even affecting one’s vision. That is why surgery to correct this problem is so […]

Drop-less Cataract Surgery Available in Central, IL

Technology continues to improve the way cataract surgery is done but one standard had remained intact until recently. All patients had to instill drops into their eyes post-operatively. Dr. Bond has been offering patients the option of having drop-less cataract surgery over the past couple years. During the cataract surgery after the lens is replaced […]

Meet Lexi and Debra, Opticians at the Peoria Office

Debra and Lexi are both full-time opticians in the Peoria office optical department. Lexi is ABO Certified, American Board of Optometry, Certified Opticians undergo standardized testing to show that they have the education and knowledge to help you see more clearly. In addition they have to take continuing education classes to keep up their certification. All of […]

History and Advancements for Color Blindness

In 1803 John Dalton was the first scientist to take academic interest in the subject of color blindness. His interest stemmed from he and his brother being color blind. John Dalton postulated that shortage in the color perception was caused by discoloration of the liquid medium of the eyeball called aqueous humor. According to his research he […]

Bond Eye Associates is Your Path to Clearer Vision!

Bond Eye Associates began in September of 1981 when Dr. William I. Bond opened his first office on Park Avenue in Pekin, IL. In 1984 Bond Eye Associates outgrew the Park Avenue office and moved into their current corporate office at 725 S. 14th Street. Over the next several years, as patient volume continued to […]

How to Ensure and Maintain Healthy Vision After 65

Throughout your life, you should have seen your eye doctor around age 3 and again as you were entering school. If you needed glasses then you would have come back in at least once every two years. But those who didn’t need glasses many times forgo visiting their eye doctor, unless they have a problem. […]

Meet Our Peoria Office Schedulers

Lori and Amy are the two smiling faces that will most likely greet you as you walk into our Peoria, IL office located at 6800 N. Knoxville Avenue. Some of their tasks include scheduling and confirming patient appointments, verifying insurance, and checking patients in and out for their appointments. They are typically the first and […]

Why is Blue Light Getting a Bad Reputation?

It’s Back to School season and with that comes Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! The stores’ shelves are filled with all the latest and greatest school supplies.  Digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers are becoming more commonly included on that list, even with young children. Time reported in their October 28, 2013 issue […]

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Pekin Office

725 S 14th Street, Pekin, IL 61554


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Illinois Valley Eye Laser Institute

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