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Eyelid Lift: Improving Your Vision and Appearance If you are thinking about having surgery to correct your droopy eyelids, you should do it with your eyes wide open. No one likes to look in a mirror and see puffy eyelids defining one’s face, altering one’s appearance and sometimes even affecting one’s vision. That is why […]

Posted on September 26, 2017 in Blog, Local News, New Products & Services 1 Comment

Drop-less Cataract Surgery Available in Central, IL   Technology continues to improve the way cataract surgery is done but one standard had remained intact until recently. All patients had to instill drops into their eyes post-operatively. Dr. Bond has been offering patients the option of having drop-less cataract surgery over the past couple years. During […]

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Meet Lexi and Debra, Opticians at the Peoria Bond Eye Associates’ Office Debra¬†and Lexi¬†are both full-time ABO Certified Opticians in the Peoria office optical department. ABO, American Board of Optometry, Certified Opticians undergo standardized testing to show that they have the education and knowledge to help you see more clearly. In addition they have to […]